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Information about Ballroom Competitions and other ballroom-related events all around Utah.

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Information on BYU Competitions and an explanation of acceptable attire for both syllabus and open events.

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(National Dance Council of America)
You can register here for a Amateur Student Competitor License (needed for some competitions if you are competing open events).

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Local Ballroom Suppliers

Simply Black

Offers: Syllabus-approved practice skirts for ladies. Call owner Michelle Sorenson to set up an appointment in her home.

Red Tango

Information on BYU Offers: Shoes, costumes, rhinestones, heel guards, and more. Located in the basement of a home (2774 N 370 E, Provo, UT, 84604). Hours vary from season to season. Check their website for current hours or call for an appointment.

Dance Works

Offers: Shoes, practice skirts, dance shorts, heel guards, fishnets, and more. Open Mon-Fri: 10AM-6AM, & Sat: 10AM-4PM. Located at 3228 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84604

Dance Gear

Offers: Shoes, practice skirts, latin pants, dance shorts, fishnets, and more. Located inside Center Stage dance studio (585 N 1200 W, Orem, UT). Hours vary, call ahead for current hours.

Childs Dance Wear

Information on BYU Offers: Shoes, dance shorts, heel guards, fishnets, and more. Open Mon-Sat: 10AM-6PM. Located at 125 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.

Star Dance (Provo)

Offers: Shoes, costumes, rhinestones, heel guards, and more. Located in the basement of a home (1312 Cinnamon Ridge Circle, Provo, UT 84606). Hours vary from season to season. Check their website for current hours or call or email for an appointment.

Know of other local businesses that offer ballroom dance supplies? We’ll add them to the list, contact our webmaster, at provo.ballroom.danceteams @

FAQ for Parents

The information below has been compiled to answer questions commonly asked by parents of dancers who are new to the Provo High Ballroom dance company.

All Dancers
• "Fake Tan" products*
• Make up
• Strong hair gel
• Strong hair spray
• Hair dye**
• Stamdard Pumps***
• Latin Sandals***
• Latin Practice Skirt
• Standard Practice Skirt
• Nude leo or body liner
• Black dance shorts
• "Toffee" fishnets
• Sheer-to-waist nylons
• Standard Shoes
• Latin Shoes
• Latin Pants
• Black bike shorts
In addition for some performances ladies may need fake nails with a french manicure look. These can be acrylics or less-expensive glue on nails.

* For performances ballroom dancers need to look “tan” however dancers should never try to achieve this look by using tanning beds or other unsafe methods. “Fake tan” lotions or spray tans are the safe way to acheive the desired look.
** Hair dye is needed only by the Varisty team for Nationals
***Heel guards are required for both standard pumps and latin sandals

A list of resources to find these supplies can be found under "Local Ballroom Suppliers" on this page.
The class fee for Ballroom Team is $150. The class fee pays for entrance fees to competitions and nationals, costumes, choreography, etc. If you qualify for fee waivers, they apply to the $150 class fee, but not any other expenses. In addition to the class fee there will be other team expenses including: player packs (dance bag & team t-shirts), team jacket/hoodies, tour fees, retreat fees, etc.

This is an example of Team Fees, however the fees vary from year to year so this may differ from the cost of your dancer's fees.
JV Team
Technique Class . . . . . $20
Team Fee . . . . . . . . . .$150
Player Pack* . . . . . . . . $50
Team Hoodie . . . . . . . .$35
Fall Tour . . . . . . . . . . $150
Total for JV: $405
Varsity Team
Technique Class . . . . . .$20
Team Fee . . . . . . . . . . $150
Summer Retreat . . . . . $40
Player Pack* . . . . . . . . .$20
Team Jacket . . . . . . . . . $45
Fall Tour . . . . . . . . . . . $100
Spring Tour . . . . . . . . .$450
Total for Varsity: $825
* Returning team members will not need to purchase another team bag or hoodie/jacket each year (The player pack is $50 for new dancers, $20 for returning dancers).

The cost of the tours is subsidized by the ballroom budget. The actual cost of the trip far exceeds the amount paid by the students. We do not want any dancer to have a negative experience due to financial reasons. If you have concerns about finances, please speak to your coach.
Provo School District requires all students participating on sports teams (including ballroom dance teams) to have a sports physical each year. Dancers have two options for getting their physical. They can go to your regular doctor or can attend the annual Fall Sports Physical Clinic (see your coach for details). For those students without health insurance it is often less expensive to go to the clinic. Forms may be picked up in the Provo High main office or can be downloaded from this website. Students who have already had a physical for another event during the summer (such as scout camp) do not need to get another one, just bring a copy of the form to your coach. Sports Physicals must be completed and forms turned in to your coach before summer Boot Camp.
It takes money run a state championship-winning ballroom dance program and so we do a lot of fundraising to pay for it. Our main fundraisers are 3 summer carwashes, working concessions at BYU football games (for more information on this, see the section below entitled "BYU Concessions"), selling concert tickets, and the Provo High Ballroom Competition. Revenue from these fundraisers goes to the PHS Ballroom account and is used toward the expense of new costumes, choreography, subsidizing tour costs, etc. These fundraisers require a lot of help from the parents, more information on this can be found in the parent committee section.

We have a few other fundraisers including Stadium of Fire, Salt City Candles, etc. The revenue raised from these fundraisers goes to the individual accounts of the students who participated and may be subtracted from fees & team expenses owed.
Starting on the first day of school and throughout the year, the ballroom teams perform at assemblies and other school events. The fall and spring tours provide even more performance opportunities. In addition, the ballroom dance teams put on two concerts, in December and May. Occasionally the ballroom dance company is invited to perform at other events in the Utah Valley area. The coaches make every effort to give the dancers the every available opportunity to perform.
In order for the program to be a success, the dancers need to get to know each other and build team unity. We do this by holding retreats, socials, and going on tours. Some socials will be for just one team, others will combine the two teams. There will also be an “opening social” held at the beginning of August to include the dancers and their parents.
In August each team will hold a boot camp. This is a mandatory mutli-day practice to jump-start the year. During the school year, the ballroom teams will hold practice one evening each week (JV on Tuesdays, Varsity on Thursdays). Attendance at these practices is required. To prepare for competitions and nationals, additional practices will also be held on holiday weekends, over Christmas break, and occasionally on Saturdays. Parents are asked to help by providing food at boot camp and holiday practices.
Although going on tour is optional, most students find that it is one of the highlights of their year. Fall tour, taken during fall break, is usually a trip to southern Utah. Many parents (and sometimes siblings) come along on this tour (families pay their own way). Fall tour includes all the dancers in the company (both JV and Varsity).

The destination for Spring tour, during spring break, varies from year to year. Spring Tour is for dancers on the Varsity Team only.

The cost of the tours is subsidized by the ballroom budget. The actual cost of the trip far exceeds the amount paid by the students. We do not want any dancer to have a negative experience due to financial reasons. If you have concerns about finances, please speak to your coach.
Team Competitions
To prepare to compete at The National Dancesport Championships (held at BYU) each year, the teams go to as many local ballroom competitions as possible to perfect their performing skills. There are many competitions at local high schools, universities, and other places around Utah Valley. A list of upcoming ballroom competitions can be found at Depending on what events the competition is offering, the teams will compete medley, showdance and/or team match events. The dancer’s entrance fees to these team competitions is paid for by Provo High. Parents attending these events should expect to pay an entrance fee (which varies at each event).

In the Medley Competition, the team performs their latin or standard medley (one number that incorporates all 5 latin or standard dances) and competes against other teams in their same age group. In a Showdance event, the team performs a choreographed number and competes against other teams. The Team Match is a different type of competition in that each team selects 6 couples. Each couple will perform one of the 6 required dances (Tango, American Waltz, Quickstep, International Cha Cha, Samba, and Swing) and each couple will compete against couples from other teams. At the end of the 6-dance event, the team with the highest overall point total is declared the winner.

The coaches will decide which competitions the teams will attend, as the school year progresses.

Individual (Couples) Competitions
Most of these local competitions also offer opportunities for ballroom couples to compete. The couples should register in advance and entrance fees are required, and vary based on the number of events to be competed. Registration forms for these competitions can be found at These registration forms will include rules as well as costume guidelines. It is important to understand what clothing/costuming is allowed for the events the couple wishes to compete. At most competitions, couples have the opportunity to compete syllabus and/or open events.

In Syllabus events couples usually wear a black and white “uniform” to compete. Couples are limited to using only syllabus figures (or steps) and usually dance routine that they learn in technique class. Syllabus competitions are usually one-dance or two-dance events. They compete against other couples in the same age group (which may include other Provo High dancers as well as dancers from other schools & studios).

For “Open” competitions couples wear unique costumes that they either own or rent. Their routines are usually choreographed by a private coach and learned during private lessons. Open events can range from one-dance to five-dance events. The couples compete against other couples in the same age group and skill level (which may include other Provo High dancers as well as dancers from other schools & studios). For some competitions, open competitors may be required to provide proof of age (birth certificate) and/or register with NDCA prior to competing.

In addition to the registration fee, entrance fees are required as well and are not usually paid for by Provo High.
The parents committee is made up of every parent of each dancer. The parent committee presidency coordinates and plans tours, fundraising, food for bootcamps & other practices, shows, etc. However help from every parent is necessary to make this program a success. We especially need parental involvement with the Provo High Competition, the 2 Ballroom Concerts, BYU Concessions, and by providing food at various events. There will be numerous ways to help, sign-up sheets will be sent out via email, please add provo.ballroom.danceteams @ to your “approved” or “safe” list of email addresses.

Periodically throughout the year there will be parent meetings held to educate parents on upcoming events and give them the opportunity to volunteer to help. It is important to attend these events so you will stay informed on what is happening.
Information coming soon.
As a fundraiser, the ballroom company works a concessions stand at the BYU stadium for all the BYU Football home games. Each dancer is expected to work their assigned shifs at the games. There are enough dancers that we will probably not need to assign every dancer to work at every game, however each dancer is expected to work their assigned shifs or find a replacement. In addition, we need some parents to volunteer to work at the concessions stand during each game as well.

Our concessions stand is #N109 which is located in the north east corner of the stadium. Please encourage your friends and family members to come to our stand!

Prior to working, each dancer (and/or parent) must complete a brief online training, which can be found here:

The dress code is as follows:
• White Team Shirt (or white Parent Shirt)
• Black or dark navy long pants (not jeans)
• Closed toed/closed heeled shoes (think gym shoes) with socks

Please meet at the BYU Stadium south parking lot. You will enter through the Food Services gate, however before entering you need to receive your wristband (see below). If you need to park a vehicle, please do so in the Marriott Center parking lot.

When you arrive, meet the group on the hillside it under the trees just to the East of the check in location to receive your wristband. Everyone working concessions will need an attached wristband to enter the stadium. Your wristband also includes a $4.00 voucher toward food that can purchase when you get your break.